Thursday, 13 January 2011

Mother and daughter in Neros

As I asked God about going out for Chaplaincy this morning, in my imagination we were in his carpentry workshop and in the next season, He was going to give us the next lesson and share His secrets on how to catch fish.

Having spent some time praying and listening to God, we went out this morning and as we walked out onto the streets of Chester, the sun was shining. It felt to me as though there was much potential about this new day, and almost as though we were walking on fresh grass rather than paving slabs. We spent some time praying outside the Cathedral, in particular for their 'Business' department.

Nero's coffee shop has become a place where we recognise the presence of God, and we went in, got coffees and sat praying for people we saw; 3 young, casual business men sat opposite us chatting about their IT business, an older couple, the waitresses. We asked that God would show us who to talk to and if He wanted to share things with us that, on sharing them, might encourage the hearer that God is alive and interested in them. God began to reveal the destinies of those walking past us, and we focussed our attention on an older woman and a younger female companion. The young woman was wearing a red coat, and it occured to me that she had always been a source of strength to others, but that God was wanting to reach out to her and take from her some of those burdens. Jess sensed a very special and close relationship between them.

They were happy to have us join them at their table and we got a snapshot of the precious bond and history that they shared. Indeed, she was the stalwort of her family; she had lost her dad as a young teen, her brother had been born with severe disabilities and now she is caught between two generations; caring for both her teenage children and her mother; independent, heavily frustrated with arthritis and waiting her time to be up. She confirmed that what we had said was true. She didn't believe in God, but we felt sure, as they left, that she saw that God is real, speaks to his children, knows her situation, and that there are people who will keep that family in their prayers.


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