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Beer and Carols, Monday 20th December 2010

Beer and Carols
On Thursday 16th december, a group were singing Carols and telling the Christmas story in Watergates Bar in Chester. Why did we do that? The good news of Christmas is normally contained in our churches, where we hope that we will attract people in to celebrate with us the festive season. However, there are already hoards of people who know how to celebrate out and about in the pubs and bars in the City during Advent. Why not go to them?
At 7pm, a motley crew from the Light Project, dressed in home-made nativity costumes, along with other local Christians, people drinking in Watergates and late night shoppers gathered together. People were encouraged to get a drink from the bar and given carol sheets and were invited to join in. Carols were interspersed with readings, telling the Christmas story in modern day language. It was great just to get together, but highlights of the evening included conversations with a group of Scouse lads on a works night out and having a group of Geography uni students come and sing "Away in a Manger" and "We wish you a merry Christmas". Thanks to all who were involved and to Neil and the bar staff at Watergates in Chester.


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