Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Answers to prayer...

Just a mini-update one some answers to prayer we've been hearing this last week. It's so encouraging, as some of these were prayers we said with people months ago and hadn't heard from since and had no way of knowing for sure whether what we'd prayed about had happened.

A few weeks ago, we bumped into someone who works in the local haidressers salon on the way out the the office for Chaplaincy who we asked if we could keep anything in our prayers for them. He spoke about his best mate's little girl who was seriously ill with menangitis. We assured him of our prayers and walked a little further to the town hall where there were protests that morning for the NUS and petitions the same morning as the teachers strike. We held our own little protest and sat down there and then and prayed for several things, including this little girl. In sitting down we were making a declaration that we would not stand for this illness taking over her body. I had a text a few nights about from the hairdresser to say that the little girl was 'so much better' now.

We also bumped into a lady who we'd prayed for months ago. She's been without a permanent home for many months and in between staying on peoples floors. She was very angry with the system and felt that it was unfair that men seemed to have priority in being housed over women. We prayed with her that God would release a house for her, and found out that later on that afternoon, she went to the housing office and was given a house on the spot! She's really happy and told us that she knew that it was because God heard our prayers.

Another lady we met about a year ago was in a dire situation and had left her husband and children because of the abuse she was suffering; she was without a home and was very low. We have been praying with her and kept in touch. Although it's sad that her marriage has broken down, she is now safe and has fallen in love with a local man who is looking after her wonderfully and is marrying her next year. Amazingly, despite how circumstances appeared at one stage, she now has custody of her children with her, and her life is completely turned around.

Thank you God x

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